“Months after the first Pivot Soccer Cup was handed out to Lead Pharma during the Pivot Summer Event of 2017, our second place was still a topic” tells Robin Voets, chemist at Acerta Pharma. “That’s why I contacted Juul Zwinkels, who is organising the Summer Event, when I read about the upcoming event. I am happy to help organizing the soccer competition and of course we want another chance to win that Cup!”

Robin started in 2017 as an intern at Acerta Pharma. “During my internship I synthesized a tool compound for the validation of the biology of the target we were working on at the time and for comparative studies with new compounds to determine in what way the compounds differentiate themselves. I really enjoyed my time as intern at Acerta and started as employee last year. On a daily basis we synthesize new compounds for ongoing drug discovery projects in the field of hematologic oncology. This job is in my perspective perfect due to the combination of organic chemistry with the great ambiance at Acerta.”