Arnold & Siedsma was one of the first companies that became part of the Pivot Park community in 2012. “Patents and trademarks are of a determining importance! If you haven’t thought well about an IP strategy that suits your business, you might face serious issues once your product or technology moves forward to the market” says Kelly Knaapen-Arts, European patent attorney at Arnold & Siedsma. “It also ensures that you create maximal value from your R&D activities.”

“After my master biomedical sciences (specialization immunity and infection) at Utrecht University, I had the opportunity to work at the IP department of a biotechnology company in Australia for some years. That is where I found out how interesting the field of IP, and especially patents is and considered a future of working together with and supporting different companies in their development. I get a lot of energy from learning about new scientific breakthroughs, great or small, and am always pleased when I can add value to a business.”

On 9 June 2018, a new law regarding the protection of company secrets will become effective. Arnold & Siedsma will organize a meeting about this topic later this year. Contact Kelly in case you would like to be informed beforehand, or if you would like to learn more about how Arnold & Siedsma could support your company.