Inez de Greef, co-owner and founder of 3D-PharmXchange, started the company together with Ronald van der Geest because they find the development of medicines a fascinating field of expertise. “And not only do we find the field interesting, we also find it just as motivating to be able to share our knowledge with our team and apply it to customers.”

As one of the first tenants at Pivot Park they also have several customers at the park. 3D-PharmXchange helps customers when a potential drug comes out of the lab. Once the discovery phase is nearing its end, 3D-PharmXchange helps develop the drug in the early phase, from lead selection to dose finding studies in patients, or phase 2 studies. “Sometimes we help the customer with small issues such as a toxicology issue, formulation issue or regulatory affairs questions. But detailing a development plan or the execution of the entire development plan also belong to our range of disciplines.”

A lot of diversity when it comes to customer issues. And that’s what makes working at 3D-PharmXchange so much fun, Inez continues. “With our 12 people, we have all the expertise to guide a lead to the market, for both small molecules and biologicals. Apart from our jobs, we are all working on the content, which remains an important aspect of work for our employees. But besides science, I also love entrepreneurship. And we are doing well. We are looking for people and we have ambition to grow to 40 people.”

One of the customers of 3D-PharmXchange is Treeway, of which Inez has also been CEO for 5 years. Inez: “Six years ago Bernard Muller and Robbert Jan Stuit came across us. Both ALS patients. Together they have one wish: to devise a medicine that can slow down the process of illness, or better still, stop it. From 3D-PharmXchange we have developed a strategy to build a biotech company around ALS.”

And with results. A product is now in the clinical phase, there is gene therapy in the pre-clinical phase and there are research lines aimed at discovering new targets. “As CEO, you of course have great responsibility for a company. But the dedication and commitment we have at Treeway, we feel for all our customers, whether small or large assignments. We do our work with great enjoyment.”