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10 years Pivot Park: Nelisca

If you thought Accountancy was just about annual reports, tax returns and balance sheets, that’s far from the whole story, according to Nelisca’s Henk Groen. He thinks every start-up should have a clear idea of what their objectives are and how they want to grow in the future.

OPTIMISM is inherent in the development of medicines. After all, you develop them for a better future!


“Pivot Park is an incredibly inspiring environment,“ says Henk. “Developing medicines is all about hope, optimism and a ‘can do’ spirit.”

Groen is a founding partner of Nelisca, an Accountancy and Consulting firm specialised in the Life Sciences sector and oriented towards small to medium sized companies. Nelisca has been based on Pivot Park since 2012. That’s when Groen became aware of the science park through a major investor and experienced first hand the ‘future focused’ atmosphere that prevails there.

“It was a revelation for me. As Accountants, we usually look back at the end of every year. But to work with partners in Life Science we needed a change of mind set. We wanted to collaborate and facilitate more, to help our clients achieve their goals. We think along with our clients and help them build healthy, growing companies.”

Starters and small companies in the life science sector experience a lot of pressure and uncertainty. The first annual reports often show large losses because they are working on the long-term development of products. Start-ups have to apply for grants on time and write progress reports. And then there are the tax concerns of expats, all important matters which need to be prioritised according to their urgency. The large accountancy firms have little patience for this kind of complexity and broad range of challenges. These growing companies are often assigned to a junior member of the partnership with little or no experience in the sector. Groen continued further, “At Nelisca, we specialise in this and have all that experience especially when it comes to applying for grants. We can make a realistic budget forecast. Appraise the existing capital and how it can be best utilised. Projections are important, working with our clients, we create a scenario with a ‘scope of work’ estimate and a plan for the future. We also make a tax forecast and discuss these projections with our clients on a monthly basis. So we meet up regularly.”

That’s why Groen thinks it’s important that Nelisca is located at Pivot Park. He sees opportunities for expansion in the near future and estimates that he’s looking to recruit new people. In addition, Nelisca are establishing other locations at other science parks and at universities. One of the biggest compliments Groen ever received from a major international client was that Nelisca operated an ‘extension of the client’s team’. “Due to our proactive attitude, we are often seen by clients as colleagues. A role we are happy to fulfill.”

Nelisca is a nationally operating accountancy and consultancy firm for small and medium-sized companies in the life science sector. They offer a range of specialist services including accountancy; administration, fiscal or legal advice, qualified recruitment and subsidy applications.

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Pivot Park Captains' Dinner

10 years ago, Pivot Park opened its doors to the world. Thanks to your commitment, support and confidence, we have been able to grow it into the successful and innovative biopharmaceutical campus it is today.

Now it’s time to celebrate!

We are therefore delighted to invite you – along with all your fellow CEOs at Pivot Park – to a special night out featuring inspiring art, a wonderful dinner and lots of opportunities to network and exchange ideas.

Erwin Wurm | Am I a House?

For the first time, the artist shows a cross-section of his work, from Narrow Furniture to One Minute Sculptures, within the walls of a historic building. Villa Constance, a former home that today houses Museum Jan Cunen, is not only a location but also part of the conversation. Because what exactly is a house?


The development of medicines in Oss began one hundred years ago. It was then that the foundations were laid for what would become a flourishing pharmaceutical sector in the Netherlands, leading to groundbreaking discoveries such as insulin and the anti-conception pill.

Today, the entire chain is still represented in Oss, from early-stage research to the commercial scale production of medicines. Working in Oss, we focus on the health of people all over the world. Employees at dozens of companies large and small put their heart and soul into new medicines, products and services that will improve lives worldwide. Together, our strength lies in our combination of broad knowledge about the development of medicines and a thorough understanding of the requirements of high-quality production.

This shared past and common values stimulate strong bonds among everyone who works in pharmaceuticals in Oss. We build on qualities, expertise and networks that go back decades. And with a wide variety of pharmaceutical companies, suppliers and scientific institutions all located nearby, we offer an attractive business climate and an excellent basis for international collaboration.

We are proud to work together to create a better and healthier future for all, a collaboration that in turn fuels growing employment: today, most pharmaceutical jobs in the Netherlands are in Oss. Here we connect talent and companies and stimulate entrepreneurship, while our expert employees are our most important asset. Their drive ensures that Oss has an influence on health all over the world.

Pharma in Oss offers endless opportunities to startups and talent in a city and region that is a joy to live and work in. We are committed to collaboration and sustainable and successful entrepreneurship. Oss’s pharmaceutical companies are intrinsically competitive while also being committed to quality and safety. This, plus their focus on new health solutions and contemporary technology, makes us a leader in our pursuit of a better life for people worldwide.