PimBio partner in €3.16M EU Interreg project TTD

Cardiovascular diseases come with major personal and societal implications. Trans Tech Diagnostics (TTD), part of Interreg Flanders- The Netherlands, focuses on the development of innovative diagnostic alternatives that allow better risk assessments for development of  cardiovascular diseases. Main goal of the TTD research and development project is creating innovative options for better cardiovascular diagnostics, increasing the individual quality of life, especially for elderly. Furthermore, TTD provides an open innovation network for public-private collaboration to create the cardiovascular health solutions for the future.

The participants in this public-private consortium are Maastricht University (CARIM, lead partner), University Hasselt (BIOMED), VITO and TSG Innoteq. PimBio has been invited by the TTD consortium to participate in 'SME industrial research' of TTD subproject WP4D1: Support of the industrial research of TTD and / or realization of the intended demonstrator. On the basis of the complementarity in expertise, technological objectives and options for (more) future cooperation, PimBio provides good opportunities for the project and its partners to benefit from this collaboration.

Trans Tech Diagnostics is an Interreg V project of the border region Flanders – the Netherlands and receives financial support as part of the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF, €1,580,000), regional governments and TTD partners (€1,580,000; total project budget €3,160,000).

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